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Sydney Cocktail Club was founded in 2014 to provide a platform for drinks enthusiasts in Sydney to meet up and indulge their thirst for learning about all things spirits and cocktails. Our goal is simple. Connect like minded imbibers in a social setting and provide an avenue for those who love their drinks a chance to discover more about the stuff that goes into their libation of choice. There's plenty of events out there targeted at improving knowledge within the trade and the aim of the club is to bring some of these events to the discerning consumer, from beginners through to the intermediate and the advanced. We're not driven by the marketing agenda of any particular brand and are simply here to spread the love of alcoholic spirits from the ever popular ones such as gin through to the obscure. 
Signing up is free and members get advance notice of our events and updates on what's going on in the cocktail world out there. We also run on this website a calendar of upcoming events in the Sydney cocktail and spirit scene so there won't be a need to trawl through different websites to find out what's going on for those of you keen to immerse yourself in the spirit of things (figuratively speaking of course!).

Where events are organised specially for members, you'll see them marked as "SCC events" on the page. 

So sign up today and let's drink, chat and discover together!